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The Manti Te’o Question

Who the hell really cares? To those that do care or pay attention to this sad display of either ignorance or guilt, I ask you this. Do you really think this should be that relevant in national media? Perhaps there exists other more pressing issues such as the game of fiscal kick the can our elected (can not stress the word “elected” enough) officials are playing, or, if American politics is not your cup of tea, the future of the war in Afghanistan. The future of people who volunteered to protect you from our nation’s enemies, foreign or domestic. Still not relevant? Would you care for an issue closer to home? Fine. Have you planned on how you will effectively protect your sons and daughters from crazed gunmen WITHOUT relying on big government to pass a weapon ban which completely fails to address the existing prolific illegal arms trade? Have you made conscious and dedicated efforts to lose weight, eat healthy, and reduce the negative effects your polluted habits are having on the planet? Have you spontaneously helped a stranger today without any thought of gain or praise? If the reader actively mulls over and participates in these issues of varying levels of importance, I applaud you; you are the few and proud to which the derelict term “civic duty”, has significance. If not, why not? Our system of government, far from relying on aloof, myopic and corrupt statesmen, requires as its most critical element the participation of an active citizenry, armed with the political will and conviction to effect national change and progress. Where the people go, the government follows, not vice versa, as has been the recent case. So, before you listen to the latest report of how Manti Te’o enacted an unscripted episode of Catfish, ask yourself, “is this beneficial given the state of things?”


A disgruntled Rob